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A Kinja Directory blog for all new Subblogs [UPDATE 1]

[UPDATE 1]: The directory has been updated with the most current roster of sub-blogs. I wanted to wait a week to see if there were anymore that popped up. I will of course be updating this as new blogs crop up. Also all the posts to ask for posting priveleges can be found on the mainpage of

Because this is the next logical step, I have made with the help of MyPrettyFloralBonnet (Thanks for the inspiration) a kinja blog to serve as a directory of all the new blogs. I don't have access to all the blogs, so I ask that the owners/admins of each respective blog reply here if they want to made authors so they can share call to posts, relevant modding and or rule changes, and I'll be making posts occasionally here updating when a new blog pops up. If any have been missed let me know. Please share this across the Kinjaverse.

Groupthinkgroupthink.jezebel.comSlay BelleGeneral (Jezebel)
Observation Deckobservationdeck.io9.comCrashedpc/sarcasmGeneral (io9)
Crosstalkcrosstalk.kinja.comMagisterGeneral (Gawker, sort of)
Clashtalkclashtalk.kinja.comEmpress FoofypantsGeneral
Hackerspacehackerspace.lifehacker.comhuh989General (LifeHacker)
Powder Roompowderroom.jezebel.comSlay BelleFeminism, mostly
Talk Amongst Yourselvestay.kotaku.comGiantBoyDetectiveGeneral (Kotaku)
Thursday Talesthursdaytales.kinja.comGaudy Mouse Maud'DibWriting (science fiction)
Whitenoisewhitenoise.gizmodo.comDenver is too damn highGeneral (Gizmodo)
Write Stuffwritestuff.kinja.comManolo CatastropheWriting
Room for Secondsgastronomy.kinja.comMyPrettyFloralBonnetFood, Cooking
The Couchthecouch.kinja.comMcUncoolMental Health
Green Thumbsgreenthumbs.kinja.comlurkerbynatureGardening
Meeple Watchingmeeplewatching.kinja.comBob JosephTabletop gaming (board/card games)
The Brew Pubthebrewpub.kinja.comCajun GingerBeer
Roll for Initiativerollforinitiative.kinja.comCaptain Max and JINXTabletop gaming
Great White Northhosers.kinja.comLizTaylorsEarringsCanada
The Alleythealley.kinja.comxeosDrinking Culture
Just Evil Enoughjustevilenough.kinja.comSnacktasticEvil
Live and Let Die-Cast!hwep.kinja.comJeff SimmonsHot Wheels/Die cast
Sidespinsidespin.deadspin.comRaysismGeneral (Deadspin)
Oppositelockoppositelock.jalopnik.comPorsche9146General (Jalopnik)
#TheRallyTakeoverrallytakeover.kinja.comDusty VenturesRally Sports
Rennsportrennsport.kinja.comPorsche9146Auto Racing
Formula Freakformulafreak.kinja.comFractalFootworkFormula 1 Racing
The Brewing Debatebrewingdebate.kinja.comGamecat235Everything Beer Related
Anime TAYanitay.kinja.comMarsh NaylorAnime side of TAY
Moba Schoolmobaschool.kinja.comAikageAll Your MOBA Needs
Kinja Crosspostkinjacrosspost.kinja.comGeneral McFistCrossposting all the posts
The Northeast USAnortheast-usa.kinja.comHow_It_HappenedNortheastern happenings, meet ups, gossip etc.
Canadianacanadatoday.kinja.comCountess IvyMore Canada
You Are are here
Gonzo the Something?
Spirituality, Religion, and Philosphy
Science Made Easy sciencemadeeasy.kinja.comBehinddarkglassesScience broken down for the masses
The Newsroomthenewsroom.kinja.comYukon KizmiazPeople in Media Communication
The Jungle Gymplayground.kinja.comEdie BealeFitness and Health

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